Castello S.G.R., incorporated in 2007, is a leading Real Estate asset management company specialized in alternative investments promotion and management, with a guaranteed expertise able to satisfy every national and international investor needs in terms of investments allocation.


Board of directors



Giovanni Raimondi* Chairman


Giorgio Franceschi  Vice President


Giampiero Schiavo  Chief Executive Officer


Fabio Bombardieri


Davide Ferrari


Alessandro Molinari


Antonella Andreatta


Paolo Giovannini*


Federico Ghizzoni*


Federico Manzoni*


Paolo Francesco Lanzoni*




*Indipendent Director

Governance system


Castello SGR adopted a traditional corporate governance model based on the cooperation between the Board of Directors and the Board of Statutory Auditors.

In particular, the corporate governance of Castello SGR consists of:


- Shareholders meeting

- Board of Directors

- Statutory auditors


The Board of Directors of Castello SGR adopted a specific policy for management of conflicts of interest. The aim of this policy is to identify potential or effective conflicts of interest which may occur during investment management services and manage such risks by adopting preliminarily identified specific measures (such as the presence of Independent Directors during the decisional process).

Castello SGR has established the Executive Commitee and the Funds Committee with the function of supporting the operational activities of the Company.


Castello SGR established also the Compensation Committee in full compliance with the law.


Castello SGR works under Banca d’Italia and Consob control.




Castello SGR has an effective system of corporate governance, designed to manage and control the Company in line with best market practice, and which clearly establishes the division of roles and rights between the various functions in order to ensure compliance with laws, regulations.


  • Compliance officer
  • Risk Management
  • Internal Audit
  • Anti money laudering officer


Organizational model 231/2001


Castello SGR adopted an organizational model and an ethical code responding to the specific requirements deriving from the introduction of Decree 231/2001 concerning the administrative liability of companies for criminal offences committed by top management or their reports.

The supervisor board ex 231/2001 is appointed by the Board of Directors.


board of statutory auditors



Marilena Segnana Chairman


William Bonomi  Effective Auditor


Pasquale Mazza  Effective Auditor


Paolo Giovanazzi  Alternate Auditor


Michele Ballardini  Alternate Auditor





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